DeNexus Partners With Cipher for Enhanced Industrial Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Models


Key Takeaways
– DeNexus Inc. and Cipher Security LLC announce a partnership for managing cyber risks in industrial systems.
– Integration of up-to-date data from Cipher, addressing vulnerabilities and assessing critical areas.
– Effective approach to enhance cybersecurity in industrial and physical critical infrastructures.

DeNexus Inc., a renowned company that focuses on cyber risk modeling for industrial networks, has declared its new partnership with Cipher Security LLC, an industry-leading cybersecurity firm. The collaboration is set to tackle cyber risks in operational technology and industrial control systems, maintaining safety within physical and industrial critical infrastructures.

Synchronized Approach for Cybersecurity Enhancement

Combining the strengths of DeNexus’s risk modeling capabilities and Cipher’s extensive experience in cybersecurity, the partnership is set to bring about an innovative approach to managing cyber threats in industrial networks. Through this partnership, companies operating within industrial and physical critical infrastructures can yield greater insights into the potential risks and can act quickly and effectively to remedy any threats.

The Integral Role of Cipher’s Inside-Out Data

Cipher’s advanced inside-out data plays a pivotal role in fortifying industrial cybersecurity. The data provided by Cipher includes an assessment of vulnerabilities and criticality, allowing for intricate risk assessments. With this profound data, risk modeling becomes more inclusive and effective. Therefore, with this partnership comes an enhanced ability to secure industrial networks from potential cyber threats.

Application of Enhanced Risk Assessment Models

Understanding the essence of incorporating cybersecurity in today’s fast-paced digitization is crucial. The application of these enhanced risk assessment models will make it easier for industries to preemptively address cyber threats before they can cause significant harm. These models will align with the needs of modern businesses, giving them the edge to secure their industrial control systems and operational technology.

The union of these powerhouses in cybersecurity model development underlines the significance of vetting and responding to cyber threats. It also paves the way for other industry leaders to seek similar routes for averting substantial cybersecurity risks.

The partnership between DeNexus and Cipher is an excellent example of businesses proactively managing cybersecurity. By combining their strengths, they deliver enhanced risk models that will drastically reduce cyber risks within physical and industrial critical infrastructure. This joint venture reflects an effective way to respond to the ever-growing cyber threat landscape.

By leveraging their unique skills and expertise, DeNexus and Cipher are helping industries understand and navigate the complexities of cybersecurity. This partnership not only aids in the assessment of potential threats but also in the formulation of strategies to mitigate these risks.

While the application of these improved risk models seems promising, industries must remain vigilant and adaptive to the ever-evolving world of cyber threats. The success of this partnership will undoubtedly be seen in its effectiveness in combating cyber risks.

Both DeNexus and Cipher are setting new standards in overcoming the cyber threat landscape. This partnership underlines the pressing need for continued investment and innovation in industrial cybersecurity.

Cyber threats can have devastating effects on industries and their operations, making this partnership critical. DeNexus and Cipher have showcased their commitment to minimizing these threats through their robust risk assessment models, providing industries with tools to safeguard themselves against potential cyber attacks.

In conclusion, the partnership between DeNexus and Cipher is a formidable step towards protecting industries from cyber threats. Their combined expertise will undeniably result in enhanced risk assessment models, effectively addressing the prevalent issue of cybersecurity in industrial operations. The anticipation is high for what these giants will continue to bring to the rapidly evolving field of industrial cybersecurity.

In conclusion, this partnership combines the strengths of DeNexus and Cipher in a way that not only addresses the immediate threat of cyber attacks but also takes a forward-thinking approach, mapping out a secure future for industrial operations against an evolving backdrop of cyber threats.

In the face of ever-growing cyber threats, this partnership showcases an innovative approach to proactively secure our industrial control systems. This collaboration will revolutionize the way industries perceive cybersecurity, highlighting the urgent necessity for advanced risk modeling in safeguarding our critical infrastructures.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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